Between home and hospital – there is another option.


The comfortable atmosphere of a home, with emergency hospital services less than half a mile away.

A freestanding birth center can be the best of both worlds.

Auburn Birthing Center, LLC, is a freestanding birth center facility located in Auburn, Indiana. Birthing your child at our homelike center is a truly unique experience. The mission of Auburn Birthing Center is to accommodate the childbirth preferences of low-risk families seeking natural childbirth and customized care provided by an expert team. Our practice, Auburn OB-Gyn and Midwifery, provides comprehensive obstetric, gynecologic, and midwifery services by a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist and three certified nurse-midwives. While we offer a group practice to assure you will always have a physician or midwife available, we are proud that more than 99% of our clients’ births are attended by the woman’s primary midwife.

Customized prenatal care, education and birth planning

Comfortable birthing suites

Water birth in our jetted hydrotherapy tubs

Variety of childbirth positions

Family friendly

Comprehensive postpartum care and lactation support