Alexander Thomas – July 1st, 2012

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Baby Boy, born in water at 1:34 AM, 6 lbs 14 oz

After touring all three major hospitals in Fort Wayne we were still not confident that I
would be able to have the birth experience I was hoping for. The biggest desire I had was to be in a place
where I felt safe to labor however I needed to for as long as I needed to. The Auburn Birthing Center
provided me with just that. I went in to labor late in the night after the big storm rolled through this past
summer. In normal conditions we probably could have spent more time laboring at home but since it
was my first birth experience and we had no power it was extremely difficult to relax. IMG_1041We arrived at the
Center in the late morning disappointed by the little progression in dilation and effacement. With the
smell of bread baking and in an environment as calming as my own home I used the birthing stool, yoga
ball, shower, toilet, bed and floor as ways to manage my labor pain. Thankfully I was able to spend time
in the birthing tub with the warm jets massaging the labor pains I felt in my back. My husband and I
were able to walk outside to encourage dilation and refresh ourselves with a change of scenery. Labor
progressed slowly but with fetal monitor checks and health assessments every few hours my midwife,
Kori, remained confident that my labor would progress and little Alexander would come, eventually.


Two birth assistants showed up well into the evening about 18 hours after initially going into labor. Michelle, another ABC midwife, and Kirsten were available to take pictures of the birth and retrieve the IMG_1044warm towels for when Alexander was born among many other things. Their added encouragement was essential to my tired and worn out soul. Michelle knew I could do it and she spoke words of wisdom that allowed me to finish the job. I can still remember Kirsten vocalizing her amazement while I pushed. It was so empowering. My husband intended to catch our little guy but he was literally my anchor. He sat behind me in the birthing tub and allowed me to push against him.



When I gave birth there was no hurry. We were allowed to settle in as a family from the
moment he was placed in our arms. Kirsten, Kori, and Michelle were so willing to accommodate to any
needs even by offering to make a late Taco Bell run if we were in the mood for it. Michelle cooked me
scrambled eggs later in the morning and continued to tend to us before heading home.




IMG_1056Although pain seemed unbearable and time appeared to move so slow- I had the best atmosphere and most amazing people surrounding me to allow me to have an incredible birth experience.






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