Elliott John Paul – October 5th, 2013

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Baby Boy, born at 9:10 AM, 9 lbs 13 oz


Elliott’s Birth Story

Elliott was born on October 5, 2013 at 9:10 am and weighed 9 lbs 13 oz and 21.5 inches long.

From the very beginning of finding out we were expecting this baby I wanted to use Auburn Birthing Center. My first was born in the hospital as ABC did not even exist in 2007. So this time we were ready for this amazing opportunity.

On the day our baby was due, September 27th, time went by with no signs of labor. One day past, nothing. Then two, three, four and five days went past. Our last appointment was Friday Oct 4th and we talked about what was to happen next week, possible induction and breaking of my water. It was what I did not want to happen. I went home and was just trying to stay comfortable and 41 weeks pregnant.

That evening I went to bed with no signs of labor. I woke up around 12:30 am to use the toilet as all pregnant moms do four times a evening. That was when my husband noticed the typical “bloody show” and it was about ten minutes after that my contractions started. I hated to call Stephanie so late at night but I knew she would want some advanced notice.

Steph: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi Steph. I think it’s started. Bloody show in toilet and contractions started. They are about 5-7 minutes apart.”

Steph: “What would you like to do? You can come in or go back to bed and try to get some sleep.”

Me: “I want to go back to sleep. I’ll call you later.”

Now I’m sure that conversation went something along those lines. I was tired, excited, scared, and nervous all at the same time. I’ve been through this before and I knew how much it hurt. A natural birth is something I wanted with my first and was able to do. Now to do it again knowing what to expect was a bit more difficult. However, it was something I KNEW I COULD DO!

So I went back to bed and my back labor started quickly. I tried to get my husband, David, to put some counter pressure on my back and he obliged for about 5 contractions. He was super tired. Not the best support guy when he is tired. His shining moments come later. So I got up and decided to use my exercise ball and call someone to talk. I couldn’t sleep. I rocked and tracked my contractions. I tried to call my mom. No answer. I called my sisters. No answer. I texted everyone. No one answered. Oh man. This is hard. I’m doing this part all on my own and I just want someone to talk to. So I watched late night TV, rocked, and counted my contractions. They were all about 5 minutes apart. I did this for over an hour. Then all of a sudden my contractions went to 15, 14, 15 minutes apart. Oh crap. They are slowing down.

Then without warning, of course, they went to 2, 3, 2, 3 minutes apart. They were intense and it was time to go. I know from my first labor I went quick. Six hours from labor to birth and I wanted time to labor in the tub at the birth center. So I woke up David and said it’s time to go. I woke up Charolette, my oldest daughter, and told her the exciting news. She was ready. I called Stephanie and told her we were headed in. I woke up my mom and dad and my friend and told them we were headed in.

I always remember the drive to the places the most. The excitement. Passing all the dark houses knowing that we will not drive past them again with our little one on the inside, rather strapped safely in the car seat and with a name.

We pulled into ABC and parked in the garage. That was pretty neat. We got inside and went into our room. I put my labor outfit on and was ready to get to work. The contractions slowed a bit but they started getting intense quickly. I had to stop talking and get down low to the ground when a contraction started. I enjoyed talking with my family in the living room. That didn’t last long. I was looking forward to getting into the tub.

ejp 1

I got in and I stayed in the tub. We talked and laughed in between contractions. Charolette got in with me a couple of times. She loved being a part of this whole experience. We prepped her well with showing her what would happen. What it could be like, answered all her questions. She helped find the baby’s heart beat and loved being a big sister already.

My plan was to birth in the tub. As my labor went on I felt that the baby was stuck and I wasn’t getting the urge to push like I remember from my first. When Stephanie checked me she said my cervix was not all the way around the baby’s head. It was caught. She asked if I wanted it moved. I said yes. Wow, that hurt. But it helped the baby come down more. Later I learned that when the cervix gets stuck like that it takes that urge to push away. So mentally pushing through a contraction and not feeling the instinct was difficult.

ejp 2Each contraction became more intense and I could not get relaxed and comfortable in-between contractions. My husband was there for every one rubbing my back, my face, holding my head when I fell asleep in between contractions from being so tired. I moved around a lot in the tub trying to find a position that was manageable.

I decided very suddenly that I needed out. Stephanie tried to suggest different tub positions as she knew I wanted a tub birth. I knew I just needed out. The staff all jumped into action to make that happen. I was already getting out of the tub when they were helping. I was thankful that they just followed my lead at the time. I had one contraction squatting on the floor and then I moved to the bed. I remember trying to be on my hands and knees and then I just remember being on my back. Later I was told that Stephanie had me in other positions to try to get the baby turned. The baby was facing up and was supposed to be facing down or to the rear. It seemed like forever but my baby was out in about ten minutes after getting out of the tub.

ejp 3

Stephanie also knew that I wanted to do three things near the end of labor. I wanted to slow down during the crowning to avoid tearing, to have eye contact with my husband, and to help pull my baby out once he or she was half way out. I wanted to catch him or her. Those three things happened. It was an amazing experience watching my husband cry as his child was being born.

ejp 4The look on my daughter’s face was amazing as well. She was right there watching her sibling come out. A moment she will never forget. Stephanie promising only a couple of more pushes was a moment I’ll never forget.

I felt the head come out and what a relief that was. I knew it was nearly over. One more push and I reached down for my baby and pulled him or her to my chest. What a perfect moment in my life.

The moment when I met my child face to face was one of the top three moments in my life. For about five minutes I didn’t care what gender it was. There was this beautiful baby in my arms that was perfect in every way.

ejp 5

Stephanie also helped us let the cord stop pulsing before we cut the cord to allow all the blood to go into our baby. That was cool experiencing that as well. Seeing the difference in the cord after five minutes. It looked so different so quickly. My husband, David, and my daughter, Charolette, helped cut the cord.

Then it was time to see the gender. When we unwrapped the perfect child to see we had a boy! Oh my! A boy! We have raised a girl for six years and now we were blessed with a boy. Tears were all in the room.

My mom was busy texting everyone even though I asked her not to. That is just my mom. My dad had tears in his eyes during the last part of labor. He was moved at his 21st grandchild.

My friend, Karalee, was there to soak up little baby feet. Her help during labor was so helpful in ways I didn’t expect.

My son, Elliott John Paul Deihl was born at 9:13 am. Labor was about 9 hours from start to finish. He weighed 9 lb 13 ounces. Wow! He was also 21.5 inches long with big feet.

ejp 6

After six hours we flew the flag to announce the birth of our boy! David and Charolette did that and it was such a special touch that Charolette enjoyed in the celebration! We carefully added Elliott to our car and drove home. What a unique feeling of driving to ABC and driving home the same day with our new addition to our family.


ejp 7

A very special thank you to Stephanie VanderHorst for being our midwife for the pregnancy and birth of our son. Thank you to Jessica, Stephanie’s midwife student, who was amazing! I wish you luck in your practice. You will do great! Thank you to Bobbi for being the backup Midwife. It was the first time I met you and you took such great care of us after the birth of Elliott. Thanks for the breakfast also! A thank you to Karalee my friend, your support was amazing.

ejp 8And the biggest thank you to my husband, David, as you are the best husband and support during these times. You are the best father a wife could pray for. And to my daughter, Charolette, you were amazing during the birth of your baby brother. I pray that this was a life long memory that you too can give the best care for the birth of your children. Women are strong and God gave us the strength to do this.


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