Meet Our Staff


Stephanie M. VanderHorst, CNM, MSN – Midwifery Director

In 2003, Stephanie M. VanderHorst, CNM, MSN, became the first certified nurse-midwife credentialed at DeKalb Memorial Hospital and Auburn OB-Gyn. She welcomed her 1700th birth in the summer of 2017. This milestone, and the rapid growth of midwifery in Auburn since beginning her practice, is evidence of Stephanie’s favorable impact on women and families in the region. She is the mother of four children, Justin, Jacob, Josiah, and Jozelynn. She has been married to her husband Dean since 1992. Dean is an avid outdoorsman; a love they share as a family. The support of Stephanie’s family has enabled her to succeed in her dream career as a nurse-midwife. Since before she attended midwifery school, Stephanie has worked toward developing a freestanding birth center option for the women of our area. This option has been a missing link in birthing services that are available. She currently serves as the midwifery director of Auburn Birthing Center, LLC, DeKalb County’s first fully accredited free-standing birth center. Dedicated to the women in her care, she has a tirelessly attended many all night births with her knitting in hand. Her goal is for every woman who wants a midwife, to have a midwife by her side.


Michelle E. Hileman, CNM, MSM – Staff Midwife

Michelle has been practicing with Auburn OB-Gyn since 2005. She is married to Keith, an honorary midwife in his own right, and the mother of five children: Katherine, Michael, Nicholas, Julia, and Lauren. Michelle encourages women to understand their bodies and become informed of options available to them in health care and childbirth. The word midwife means to be “with woman.” Michelle is honored to practice the art of midwifery in whatever manner a woman chooses to be the best fit for her and her family. The client is encouraged to direct her own path of care with guidance from the midwife as needed. Michelle is committed to natural childbirth, waterbirth, breastfeeding, and providing full-scope women’s health care, gynecology, and family planning services. She enjoys including fathers and children in providing care to women, emphasizing a family-centered model of care. Michelle is thrilled to be one of the founding members of Auburn Birthing Center, LLC and to offer this unique care for families who choose this option. She is committed to the expansion of the midwifery profession and enhancing access to nurse-midwives by mentoring students. Michelle is also passionate about underserved women, women with special needs and addictions, and access to quality women’s health care for all.


Kori B. Engdahl, CNM, MSN, WHNP – Staff Midwife

Kori joined Auburn OB-Gyn in the spring of 2012. She has truly enjoyed witnessing the growth of the center and the development of a broader range of options available for childbearing families. Kori respects that birth is both a transformative event and a spiritual passage for each member of a growing family, and for the family as a unit. She believes each woman will travel her own path, and all women should have access to a full range of options in order to achieve her own “best birth.” Kori seeks to empower women to see their unique health needs as a reflection of their own potential for wellness. Kori is married to Adam Coffman, a university mathematics professor. They reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana with their children, Daphne and Jonas.


Thaddeus R. Weghorst, MD – Medical Director

Dr. Weghorst is a Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB-Gyn) who is the owner and president of Auburn OB-Gyn, P.C. (known as Auburn OB-Gyn and Midwifery), and Medical Director of Auburn Birthing Center, LLC. He relocated to Auburn, Indiana following several years in private practice in Mount Vernon, Ohio and medical training in Cincinnati, Ohio. An avid Ohio State fan, Dr. Weghorst offers an ideal blend of innovative medical practice and leadership styles to the northeast Indiana region. His skillful application of evidence-based clinical strategies and commitment to excellence in medical outcomes have enabled Auburn OB-Gyn, P.C. to become a leader in women’s health care with options unavailable elsewhere. Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Weghorst is active in a variety of community enrichment programs and maintains an active lifestyle with his wife, Susan, and their four children Forrest, Sydney, Silas, and Eden.


Melissa Hantz, RN, BSN – Birth Assistant, Childbirth Educator 

We are proud to have Melissa, a registered nurse since 1992, as part of our family at Auburn Birthing Center. She is an extraordinary nurse with a great passion for natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Melissa’s charisma and humor are infectious, easing many a laboring woman’s discomfort even in the most difficult of labors. She has been married to Charlie since 1992 and they have two daughters, Mariah and Kendall. Their family is active in the 4-H program, raising pigs, and enjoy outdoor activities.


Andrea Glasscock, RN – Birth Assistant 

Andi has been a registered nurse since 1991.  She spent 15 years working in labor/delivery and newborn nursery. She loves to help women and their families during the transition of a new birth and  believes that each baby is a true miracle from God. Andi has been married to Nate since 1993.  They live on a small hobby farm and homeschool their 5 children, Kelsey, Ethan, Libby, Seth and Charlotte.  They feel that God has entrusted them with the training of these children. They also enjoy being part of their church family at the Calvary Chapel in Stroh, Indiana. Her 5 completely different personal birth experiences have helped her grow as a woman, mother, nurse, and birth assistant. She hopes to be a blessing to each of the families that she is privileged to work with. Proverbs 34:1 “I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall be in my mouth.”


Nancy Hill, RN – Birth Assistant