From the moment you enter our home in the early stages of labor, the warm environment and familiarity of your childbirth team will welcome you as you prepare to welcome your new baby. Our center is open to the laboring couple and any family members and support persons they wish to be present, including children. Each of our three customized birthing rooms offer a full-sized bed, jetted tub, private bath with large shower, and flat-screen television. Laboring women are encouraged to choose their position of comfort within their room or throughout the center including our comfortable living room with fireplace, children’s area, or she may enjoy our outdoor amenities including our porch, patio, flower gardens, and spacious grounds. Mothers-to-be and their families are encouraged to eat and drink throughout their labor with emphasis on the importance of hydration and nutrition, as well as the power of “comfort foods.”

At Auburn Birthing Center, we want your experience to be a family-centered, intimate life passage culminating in the gentle birth of your baby. We provide evidence-based midwifery care throughout your labor and birth including monitoring of your and your baby’s vital signs with the ability to provide appropriate medications and treatments as necessary. Emphasis on viewing childbirth as a normal, physiologic process is promoted in all aspects of the care provided. The role of the caregiver is to support and promote this normal process, while recognizing and managing any deviations from normal. The midwives have ready access to the consultation services of Dr. Weghorst, the center’s Medical Director and collaborative physician at Auburn OB-Gyn and Midwifery. Should additional assistance for mother or child be needed, the midwives and Dr. Weghorst are active members of the medical staff at nearby DeKalb Memorial Hospital and may seamlessly provide transfer of care while continuing to emphasize the importance of family-centered care within the hospital environment.

Mothers-to-be may choose to give birth in the most naturally comfortable way for her, including the option of a waterbirth. The midwives and nurses of Auburn Birthing Center are experts in offering just the right words of encouragement and assistance in even the most difficult of circumstances, just when a laboring mother needs them most. After you, your family, and your precious new baby have had time to get acquainted, the aroma of freshly baked bread will entice you to nourish yourself! Again, the power of “comfort foods” will rejuvenate your body and spirit with the familiarity of home-cooked favorites. The midwives and nurses will provide superb postpartum care and information in preparation for your dismissal home to begin your new family life.

Your birth experience and care extend beyond the walls of our center. You will continue to have 24/7 access to your midwife whenever questions or concerns arise and receive a combination of phone calls, home and office visits from our experienced staff. We strive to assure each woman and baby undergo an easy transition.